Aug 29, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 09

Honey, I’m home! And so is Rikuo. After a long time training in the village of Tõno, Rikuo finally decided he was ready to leave. But, much like his ancestors, he took a handful of Youkai along with him.

Finally Rikuo set foot on Nurarihyon ground after being away for so long. His
friends and family were very happy to see him, even though he showed up unexpectedly. But the introduction between the Nurarihyon Youkai and the Tõno Youkai didn’t quite go as smooth as it could have. Some of the Youkai exchanged words after feeling intimidated by one another.

The Supreme Commander, Rikuo’s grandfather, now joins the welcome home party and invites Rikuo to come inside for a one on one discussion. Once inside, they discuss the situation in Kyoto, where the demon fox and it’s followers are still running amok. Rikuo is determined to come to their aid, especially since more of Rikuo’s friends showed up in Kyoto. The Supreme Commander, still harboring doubts about the whole thing, decided to test Rikuo’s growth by suddenly launching an attack on Rikuo. Rikkuo, who magnificently evaded the attack using his fear, showed the Supreme Commander that he was ready. Rikuo explained that he found out what kind of a Youkai Nurarihyon was.

Once outside, the proud Supreme Commander bestowed upon Rikuo, his grandson, a 300 year old battle ship that mysteriously floated in the air, to help Rikuo in his quest to defeat the demon fox and it’s followers.

What Rikuo didn’t know, is that the battle between the evil Youkai and the Onmyouji had already started. The Youkai managed to penetrate their barrier with the help of Akifusa, an ex-Onmyouji that has been overpowered by his Youkai weapon, and are now slaughtering the remaining Onmyouji. Yura, who has been saved by her brother Ryuji from the evil Akifusa, managed to flee to a saver location whilst her brother takes on akifusa and any other Youkai that may cross his path.

The battle between the evil Youkai and the desperate Onmyouji rages on. I think that this will be the moment where Rikuo and his fellow Youkai will make their appearance to save the day. That would be pretty standard stuff, a hero that arrives at the last moment. But we’ll see what happens in the next episode.

  1. its about time! next ep is going to be awsome 😀


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