Sep 5, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 10

It’s Youkai time again! Someone really pissed me off. Instead of posting the actual tenth episode, I first had to download fake episodes before I finally found the genuine one. And people wonder why I dislike children?

Anyway, it was a great episode. It didn’t quite go as I had expected. I was sure that Rikuo would’ve arrived by now to save the day, but that was not the case. Yura did it all on her own. Her brother, Ryuuji, took on Akifusa, who had been taken over by a Youkai. Ryuuji managed to keep at least one step ahead at all times. Akifusa decided to just rush towards Ryuuji with a full-frontal attack, but Ryuuji already anticipated it and somehow made some sort of poisonous water-clone that Akifusa ended up attacking. Akifusa, who was now infected by Ryuuji’s poison, was now paralyzed and had roughly one minute left to live without the antidote. Ryuuji approached Akifusa and found something suspicious in his neck. It turned out to be an eye, the eye of the Youkai that was possessing Akifusa. The Youkai managed to pierce Ryuuji’s leg while his guard was down.

Things looked very grim for the Onmyouji. But it was time for Yura to step up to the plate. Yura, out of nowhere, did something amazing. Something that would label her as the head-to-be of all Onmyouji. She managed to summon Hagun. Hagun is a technique which summons the previous ancestors of the Keikain House as a massive shikigami. It was first shown in use 400 years ago, when it was combined with Nenekirimaru to seal away Hagoromo Gitsune. It is said that whoever manages to summon as well control Hagun, is destined to be the head of the Keikain house. Yura Keikain is, after 400 years, the only one who can summon as well as control the Hagun.

What’s more surprising about that technique, is that one of the thirteen ancestors was in full human form. That ancestor was none other than Hidemoto Keikain, the thirteenth head of the Keikain house. He was the one who used Hagun 400 years ago to seal away Hagoromo Gitsune with the help of Nurarihyon. Hidemoto taught Yura how to control the Hagun before he taught her a spell that covers the entire area with thick fog, so that her fellow Onmyouji could escape safely from a battle that they couldn’t possibly win. Yura really took the spotlight. It’s only natural that all the enemy Youkai will be after her soon to prevent her from using Hagun to seal away Hagoromo Gitsune, like her ancestor did.

Meanwhile the Nurarihyon Youkai are still heading towards Kyoto on their battle ship, to help the Onmyouji in their battle against Hagoromo Gitsune. Tension aboard the ship is rising as the Youkai from Rikuo’s household and Tõno start to quarrel about who’s stronger. This ended up in a fight between Kubinashi and Itaku. I think the next episode will prove to be even more exciting, I can’t wait! I believe that the Tõno Youkai will eventually pledge their loyalty to Rikuo. Definitely.


    In the kyoto arc when Hagoromo Gitsune is going around removing the seals, the eyeball guy says that demons cannot touch the seal so Hagoromo Gitsune has to do it. But isnt the body she’s currently in belong to a demon, the first wife of the second nuraharyoo…

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