Sep 12, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 11

Hot damn. So we continue where we left of, with Itaku and Kubinashi fighting things out amongst themselves. Kubinashi really surprised me, I never knew he was that good. He fought Itaku head-on without any doubts. What’s really surprising is his fear control, he was surprisingly good and in no-time managed to get Itaku use his full power. Too bad Zen, who snuck aboard the battle ship, interrupted the fight and put an end to it. I really wanted to see those two fight, especially after seeing Kubinashi’s abilities.

But the peace was short lived, for a massive army of Youkai covered the skies above Kyoto. Rikuo and his faithful allies were stuck, they couldn’t possibly get passed that many Youkai without sacrifice. But their leader, Hakuzousu, wanted to duel the commander after finding out that the ships belonged to the Nura clan. Rikuo held his head high and engaged in combat. With the use of his fear he managed to defeat Hakuzousu quite easily. Hakuzousu, having suffered defeat, wished for Rikuo to do the “honorable” thing and end his life.

Rikuo, being his usual self, declined and offered Hakuzousu a spot in his clan. Rikuo took a liking to Hakuzousu and his noble ways. Everyone was amazed by Rikuo’s forwardness, for he did not hesitate to ask. However, there was no time for a victory party. All the Youkai, having lost their leader, suddenly mounted their attack on the battle ships. Hakuzousu was sickened by how they commenced their attack like that.

Rikuo knew that they couldn’t win without taking serious damage. Their best chance was to hold out for a few minutes until sunrise, or so they thought. The sun rose alright, but the Youkai did not change back to their day forms. The sunlight didn’t seem to have any effect on any and all Youkai that were in the Kyoto area. Rikuo looked ahead and was surprised at what he saw. It looked like the entire Kyoto area was being sucked into the air by tornados of darkness. Rikuo must hurry and defeat Hagoromo Gitsune before it’s too late.

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