Oct 4, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 14

Finally some time to quickly write something about this episode. I was waiting for this all week, mainly because last week’s episode was one big disappointment. It was very good, the story somehow is starting to get even better.

Awashima was the one who got into trouble today. She was up against a very troublesome Youkai. This particular Youkai relied on the fear of children, the more they cry the more powerful he gets. Awashima was badly injured, but she, thanks to her friends, managed to find out how to defeat it and escape that world.

She finally escaped. She comforted that little boy, who was scared of that Youkai, causing that Youkai to lose its power. Awashima joins the rest when suddenly the Omyouji show up. They have finally caught up and it’s time for Rikuo to meet Hidemoto, the thirteenth head of the Keikain house.

Hagoromo-Gitsune is about to give birth to something that might very well destroy the world. It’s up to Rikuo, his night parade of one hundred Youkai and allies to defeat this evil. I’m very curious as to how Rikuo is going approach this, after all; Hagoromo-Gitsune has thousands of Youkai following her, whilst Rikuo only has his night parade of one hundred Youkai. I’m very well aware that he has the Omyouji behind him, for now, but I don’t think that will suffice. I can only assume that something big is about to happen, something that, if I’m right, will benefit Rikuo and his allies.

It’s becoming harder and harder for me not to read the manga, but I might just do it, it’s become so exciting that I just want to know what will happen next. Curiosity can be a bitch sometimes.

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