Oct 17, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 16

Alright!! I was right after all; Gyuki is going to teach Rikuo how to use a new technique. I can’t wait to see it. Sure, we all caught a little glimpse of it, but surely that can’t be all of it. What’s more surprising is that Rikuo managed to yank out Youkai powers in his human form.

Not only did we learn that Rikuo is about to embark on this spiritual journey to a new technique, we also learned more about his father. Apparently his father was very powerful, supposedly even more powerful than his father, Rikuo’s grandfather, the supreme commander. We have all seen what that old man is capable of, imagine how strong Rikuo’s father must’ve been when he was alive.

The supreme commander, Rikuo’s grandfather, is for most part Youkai. Rikuo’s father was half Youkai and half human. Rikuo is only one-fourth Youkai. You’d think that the more Youkai blood one has, the stronger one is, but apparently it’s quite the opposite. Rikuo’s father was stronger than his father, and now they think that Rikuo has the potential to surpass his own father, making him the strongest Nurarihyon Youkai to have ever lived.

Speaking about Rikuo’s father… A long time ago, when he was still alive, he took in a specific Youkai under him. That Youkai was ruthless, it killed everything in its path. Rikuo’s father saw something in that Youkai, something good and desirable. That Youkai was Kubinashi, one of the higher-ups in the night parade of one hundred. Kubinashi is quickly reverting back to his old ways, just because they lost to that freakishly strong Youkai. He is now slaughtering each and every Youkai that crosses his path.

Unfortunately it’s not just Rikuo’s night parade of one hundred that have it hard. The onmyouji will now have to survive the upcoming Youkai attacks. Hagoromo-Gitsune is in desperate need of human livers in order to give birth to her offspring. Her followers are now on the Onmyouji’s doorstep in order to collect. Rikuo needs to hurry up with his training in order to save his friends as well as his allies. It’s up to Rikuo now.

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