Oct 24, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 17

Me gusta! Although I liked this week’s episode I couldn’t help myself but to get a bit agitated. The season’s end is slowly approaching and they haven’t even finished Rikuo’s training yet. I’d hate for them to rush things at the end, which would be unforgivable.

We got our fair share of action when two major fights raged on. I have to say that Kubinashi and Kejourou make a very good team as well as a couple. Their powers are also very similar, which would explain why they decided to team up. Too bad their enemies are just too powerful for them to handle. Poor Kejourou even ended up getting stabbed in the back by Kidoumaru. If it wasn’t for Yura and Hidemoto, thirteenth head of the Keikain clan, showing up to save the day, then both of them would’ve probably been killed.

Fortunately for us that it gets even more interesting as Aotabou engages Shoukera, a nutjob who thinks of himself as a holy being, in a fight to the death. Aotabou, in order to protect his human friends, released the seal in order to fight Shoukera. He can’t defeat Shoukera without releasing that seal. Aotabou is aware of what happened in the past when that seal was released, but he had no choice if he was to save his friends.

At the very end of the episode we get a small eyeful of Rikuo’s training progress. It’s not looking good, that old man is getting fed up with Rikuo and his weaknesses. I just hope that they will go into detail about Rikuo’s training during next week’s episode.

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