Nov 21, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 21

This episode sure was a great way to start my week, which proves that I’m a total geek. I left the house with a frown that this episode was about to turn upside down. I arrived at work and started the download, obtained a raging boner while watching this episode. That’s right people, I can rhyme too, it’s not just that snoopy dog.

It’s time! Rikuo and his allies resumed their march towards Hagoromo-Gitsune, but not before fighting several enemies. First he had to take out two weaklings, which he did in under a minute. You think it’s too easy to be true? Well, you’re right! Rikuo continues his march when suddenly another pair of Youkai show up, but these two were very tricky. One of them reads people’s minds while he tells the other what their opponent is about to do, making things very difficult for Rikuo. It’s a good thing that those two Youkai pissed off Yura, if she didn’t go nuts with all her Shikigami then Rikuo probably couldn’t have killed those two so easily.

Rikuo simply continued his march, only to encounter the very same Youkai that attacked during his training in Tono. Kidoumaru was waiting for Rikuo and his allies, wanting to kill all of them. Somehow all of them were transported to another location, the location that Kidoumaru used to rule over.

You have to wonder what happened for this guy to have become so fanatic about his dark views of the world. Unfortunately there isn’t much time to catch up with his past, he continuously attacked using his fear. Rikuo couldn’t even wear Tsurara because Kidoumaru wouldn’t allow it. It’s a good thing that Kurotabou served under Rikuo’s father, because he learned a different kind of Matoi during that times. He taught Rikuo how to use it, and I have to say; it looks freakin’ awesome!

That is now my second favorite form. 1st would be Rikuo’s offensive mode, that’s when he switches his fear from defense (so far we’ve only seen defense) to offense (a mode you’ll see in the future, providing there’s a third season or something). 2nd place goes to the form Rikuo takes when he’s wearing Kurotabou, which looks great with all those weapons sticking out. 3rd place goes to the form Rikuo takes when he’s wearing Itaku, he just looks so good with that scythe.

I can’t wait to see RIkuo whooping Kidoumaru’s ass in the next episode. This season’s end is drawing near. At this point I just hope that they won’t adjust the end, because they do that sometimes. They simply change the story at the end a bit so they can finalize the anime, even though the manga is still continuing.

  1. Oppai-Sensei says:

    It’s Snoop Dog and I lolled @ that rhyme 😛

    Next week’s episode is going to be AWESOME!!1!1!!!1

    I haven’t seen Rikuo’s “Offensive mode” though? Is that in the manga?

  2. haha not a bad rhyme at that. i do agree that next week is going to be great.

    i read the manga too and theres probably going to be more content after this.

    and yes Rikuo uses offensive mode in the next arc.

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