Nov 27, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 22

Here we go! The fight between Rikuo and and Hagoromo-Gitsune has begun! We were all waiting for this episode! It leaves me a bit worried about how they’re going to end this season. It’s very possible that they’re going to alter this arc’s ending a little bit to finalize the anime. I really hope this is not the case!

Rikuo, in order to reach Hagoromo-Gitsune, must first deal with that old fool. He was so full of himself, even in the end. He kept on attacking, hoping to land a blow. He claimed to know about Rikuo’s new found ability, but in the end he knew very little. He thought that if Rikuo wore the fear of another Youkai that he would obtain certain abilities. He forgot to factor in one little detail though; Rikuo still has abilities of his own, abilities that he can use to the fullest even when wearing another Youkai’s fear.

Rikuo and his night parade of one hundred Youkai marched towards Hagoromo-Gitsune after defeating him. It seemed too late as the Nue, also known as Abe no Shimei, started to take form. But the birth wasn’t yet completed! Seimei was still unable to move, giving Rikuo and his allies a small window of time to either kill or seal Seimei.

One thing is clear here; Rikuo should’ve killed Tsuchigumo when he had the chance. Ryuuji would’ve successfully sealed him if it weren’t for Tsuchigumo’s interruption. He might’ve very well doomed all of mankind just because he wants a good fight, even though Rikuo gave him a run for his money earlier that day.

Rikuo has no choice but to do something about it himself. He will now have to deal with Hagoromo-Gitsune as she stands between him and the rebirth of Seimei. That will not be easy, he ended up getting hurt when he tried to attack her, so he will have to come up with a way to defeat her.  He will have to use those flashbacks she’s been having to his advantage.

This is it people! The moment has finally come as this season is about to reach its climax. All we can do now is hope that they stick to manga, if they do than a third episode is more than just a possibility.

  1. this episode was awesome! i cant wait for this weekend 😀


    In the kyoto arc when Hagoromo Gitsune is going around removing the seals, the eyeball guy says that demons cannot touch the seal so Hagoromo Gitsune has to do it. But isnt the body she’s currently in belong to a demon, the first wife of the second nuraharyoo…

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