Dec 18, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 25

The time has come ladies and gentlemen, time to find out whether or not Nurarihyon no Mago will continue, or if it finally comes to an end. I strongly believe that this episode should give a clear indication on whether this show will have a third season or not.

The episode starts with the continuation of the fight between the Nura clan and Seimei. The supreme commander decided to give his katana to Rikuo, who will now have to go face to face with Seimei. All of Rikuo’s allies are prepared to follow him to death as they attack head-on alongside Rikuo.

Their first attack was pretty pointless, as Seimei blew them away with just his spiritual power. He only had to swing his weapon once in order to destroy the whole area. I was shocked, after he swung his weapon, to see that Minagoroshi Jizou was still alive. That’s actually a good thing, because that means that Rikuo didn’t kill him, and that they haven’t altered the manga’s story on that part.

Rikuo, being his badass self, steps outside the fire as if it doesn’t even face him. What happened next was beyond my expectations. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that Rikuo would wear each and every Youkai’s fear like that. He managed to break through Seimei’s barrier with the combined strength of his allies. It was very impressive to see just how much Rikuo has grown.  He used to be a little boy that refused to become their next Supreme Commander, no matter what. But now look at him, he stands at the top of the clan, head held high and pride spilling all over the place.

Seimei took Rikuo’s combined attacked head-on and, for a minute there, looked perfectly fine. He tried to finish Rikuo off when he noticed that something was horribly wrong with his body. It would seem that his body, new as it may be, hadn’t adjusted itself yet to their world. Seimei decided, just like in the manga, to withdraw to hell. It reminds me of a certain quote; “he who fights and runs away, will live to fight another day.” – Demosthenes, I believe…

this would be a time for mourning, especially after all the friends and family they had lost because of this war. But Rikuo couldn’t sit still, he wanted to get even stronger, should the day come where he would have to face Seimei again. Rikuo has finally grown up, he decided to become the third heir of the Nura clan. Everyone, including Nurarihyon’s highest ranking Youkai, finally acknowledged Rikuo as their next Supreme Commander.

There was nothing left to do there. Rikuo, having roughly one year before Seimei’s return, decided to ask Akifusa for help. Akifusa is good at making spirit blades, blades powerful enough to cut down even the strongest of Youkai.

The ending was a bit strange, but it was very moving.  It was a wonderful season, no one could ever complain. I am so happy that it ended the way I had hoped, that it ended according to the manga. No way would they end the series like this, with all this unfinished business. Ladies and gentlemen, you can all expect a lot more Nurarihyon No Mago in the (near) future!

  1. it was soooo beautiful

    i actually cried a little when rikuo saw hagoromo-gitsune’s container die

    i have always been into yakuza style stuff and this show was no exception!!! i hope you are right about that 3rd season 😀

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