Jan 13, 2016

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Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R

This was the absolute worst. I’m not a big fan of Mahou Shoujo anime to begin with, but this was actually worse than usual.

Nurse Witch Komugi-chan RThe artwork isn’t even worse mentioning. The level of detail is very disappointing and I couldn’t really bring myself to stay focused.

Story? What story? It’s a horrible monstrosity. They say it’s a parody and that it’s supposedly funny, yet I didn’t even laugh once. It was not interesting, not funny and I don’t think I’ll even bother watching the second episode.

Keep moving. This really isn’t worth watching. I’m not just saying that. Watching the first episode was a total waste of my time.

Plot Summary: Komugi Yoshida is a somewhat clumsy second-year middle-school student whose strong point is her spiritedness. She performs as an idol like Kokona Saionji (her classmate and close friend) and Tsukasa Kisaragi (an idol who dresses in male clothing). However, unlike Kokona whose popularity is skyrocketing and Tsukasa with her charisma in male attire, Komugi’s only gigs are low-end ones like those at the local shopping district. Still, Komugi has her “dream” as she lives her dual lives as a idol and a middle school girl. One day, a mysterious injured creature named Usa-P appears before Komugi and asks if she wants to be a Legendary Girl who can use magical powers. She reluctantly becomes Magical Nurse and fights waves of masked figures. Meanwhile, a Magical Maid and a Magical Sister also show up.

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