Dec 19, 2012

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One Outs

So this week’s anime review is about One Outs. Now, most people haven’t seen this show yet. Don’t worry, I didn’t either until a few days ago. Frankly, I hate myself for that. To think that I could’ve watched this show sooner instead of watching crap like that Gyrozetter anime.

one outsOne Outs is pretty old when you compared it to recent shows. That doesn’t mean it’s bad though. The artwork, despite its age, looks absolutely great. Not to mention the character’s expressions, like Toua’s evil eyes. You just can’t get enough of it.

In One Outs’ case it’s the artwork that lures you in, but it’s definitely the story that keeps you watching. The story keeps you constantly entertained due to Toua’s ridiculous gamble with the team owner. He truly is the king of gambling (and baseball), which actually made me hit up again. It’s always nice to win a little bit of extra money, hehe.

Anyway, I seriously recommend that you give One Outs a try. The artwork keeps you entertained while the story keeps blowing your mind. Got something else to watch? Drop it! Trust me, One Outs is definitely worth the sacrifice.

Plot Summary: Hiromichi Kojima, the star batter of the Lycaons, heads to Okinawa to train and bring himself out of a slump. There, he meets Toua Tokuchi, a 134-kmph/83 mph pitcher and the undisputed king of a gambling form of baseball called “One Out.” At Kojima’s urging, Tokuchi signs up with the Lycaons. His contract differs form the usual, though, in that he gets 5,000,000 yen for every out he pitches, but loses 50,000,000 yen for every point he gives up.

  1. Franklin Bluth says:

    I loved One Outs! Can’t wait for more evil pwnage 😀

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