Apr 22, 2014

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One Week Friends episode 03

Good episode. A very, very good and productive episode! You can clearly see how they’re going to do this. Well, you can’t see how, but you get an idea of what to expect. I certainly like it. This way Kaori doesn’t recover just overnight. We can follow her recovery weekly. I like that a lot!

[HorribleSubs] One Week Friends - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.08_[2014.04.21_22.42.54]So Yuuki decided to bring his most trusted and arguably oldest friend to the rooftop to tell him about Kaori’s little secret. This is brilliant. He doesn’t take things for granted and he says what’s on his mind. It’s no wonder that he didn’t believe it when they told him about Kaori’s mental problems, but he wasn’t too obnoxious about it, because he took the time to assess the situation and point out to them that this sort of thing usually only happens because of physical trauma or mental trauma. He even managed to link it to something that may have happened to Kaori in the past, which is why she only blocks out friends. A bit obvious, but still kind of smart.

[HorribleSubs] One Week Friends - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.10_[2014.04.21_22.43.15]This guy, Shougo, seems like a very relaxed and intelligent character. He doesn’t strike me as the type that bullies others. On the contrary; he seems rather helpful and doesn’t mind jumping in the middle when others are arguing. He definitely seems rather reliable. Too bad he can’t properly voice his opinions in a less aggressive way.

Anyway, Kaori has started to remember little things. That’s all that really matters here. Now she remembers making things like eggs, next week she might remember something else. A few weeks from now she might remember Yuuki altogether and finally have a normal life instead of pushing everyone away. It’s definitely a good start.

One Week Friends episode 03 screencaps

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