Jan 14, 2014

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Onee-chan ga Kita

This certainly turned out to be a decent anime short. Every year there’s a bunch of shows about a cute (little) sister that likes her brother in a romantic way. Every single year… It’s like the Japanese are trying to promote incest.

Onee-chan ga KitaThe artwork is pretty funny. It’s not great and it’s not bad either. They really tried to make that little sister as “cute” as possible. In fact, it’s painfully obvious that character design was probably their highest priority.

Not much I can say about the story… It’s about a girl and the feelings she has for her brother. Surely I don’t need to say anything else?

Watch it, don’t watch, it doesn’t matter. It’s a three minutes every week. You may have lost three minutes of your life if you ended up disliking it, suck it up and move on to something else. I personally will pass on this one.

Plot Summary: 13-year old Tomoya’s father remarries, and his new stepsister is 17-year old Ichika. She decides she’s completely in love with him, to a ridiculous and somewhat scary degree.

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