Oct 16, 2012

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OniAi episode 02

Okay, I have decided to write about OniAi! I wasn’t entirely sure at first. The female characters are too aggressive at times. It’s unusual, because it’s the protagonist that normally takes the lead in this sort of thing. Either way, I definitely like the way things are going with this right now.

Frankly, I’m still waiting for Akito to man up. He’s letting himself be controlled by those girls, especially by his sister, Akiko. In fact, she is messing with him so much that he doesn’t even get the chance to make friends. The friends he does make are being chased away by her constant meddling. Being a cute, pushy little sister with a crush is one thing, but this is starting to get out of hand…

Sadly, it’s not just his sister either. He has half a dozen girls after him. That guy is both lucky and unlucky. My favourite right now is Arashi. I like that character’s persona and appearance. She always manages to make me laugh in the strangest of situations. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m really looking forward to the next episode!

OniAi episode 02 screencaps

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