Nov 6, 2012

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OniAi episode 05

OniAi just got a whole lot more confusing. The characters are very predictable, unlike the story. I just cannot grasp this story. I thought that I had it somehow figured out, I thought that the characters would each get their time in the spotlight, and that it would be Arashi’s turn this week.

I never would have imagined that the episode would start out with Akito and his editor, a young woman that would do anything to help Akito. Oh yeah, she would do anything alright. She was under the impression that Akito had a thing for his little sister, Akiko. Poor girl didn’t know that it was actually the other way around, and that she should protect him instead of seducing him. Still, it was a smart plan; seduce your artist to make him stay away from his little sister. Too bad that most problems can’t be solved that way.

That was only the first half though. The second half, as I had hoped, did involve Arashi. She managed to trap Akito in a shed, even though it wasn’t her actions that caused the door to get locked. Akiko interfered and allowed Arashi to do as she pleased for quite some time. One thing’s for sure; you don’t want to give Arashi too much time (unless you’re straight).

I’m more confused than ever before. I really like OniAi, but I just cannot help but feel that it’s not going anywhere. It’s always the same thing; girls gradually get more and more interested in Akito, causing them to do the strangest things in the hope that he will look at them. It’s a bit childish if you think about it.

OniAi episode 05 screencaps

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