Nov 20, 2012

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OniAi episode 07

That settles it, OniAi isn’t going anywhere. Just sit back and enjoy the perverted comedy. It’s really a shame. A good story is the only thing that OniAi is really missing. Throw in a good story and you really have something there…

The show continued with the arrival of Arisa-chan, a young girl that’s supposed to run their house as the new caretaker. This girl is in love with Akito, a guy four years older than her, and she is under the impression that the two are engaged. Perhaps that’s true, since Akito did live with her and her parents for a long period of time. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Akito felt indebted to them and agreed to marry their daughter, Arisa. It would be sad if that were true. He wouldn’t be marry her for love (not that I believe in that). That would mean that he would marry her out of guilt.

There are two little things that I would like to say before I end this post. The first would have to be the sudden shift in Arisa’s personality. That character was very shy, hardworking and timid. Now she’s speaking her mind all the time and her attitude suddenly became very aggressive near the end. I liked her a lot better when she was acting all cute and innocent. I don’t like that polite, yet aggressive attitude.

The second part, and it’s something that even I forgot, would have to be the fact that what Akiko’s doing is wrong. She wants to do all sorts of things to her older brother. I, just like the other characters, had completely forgotten that such a relation is more than just frowned upon. It’s illegal (yet a lot of people seem to be inbreeding if I take a look at the local youth). How funny…

OniAi episode 07 screencaps

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