Nov 27, 2012

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OniAi episode 08

Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would have to watch an OniAi episode that revolved solely around swimsuits. All the fan service killed pretty much everything else. Seriously, guys… This is not how OniAi should be. This was just plain overkill.

To think that I had to sit here and watch those girls pick out their swimsuits for the majority of this week’s episode… Madness! The fan service was way too much and it didn’t leave much room for anything else. I don’t see the point of shopping for bathing suits in the winter. To hell with “you need to pick out a swimsuit early while there are still plenty of choices left”. Don’t they know how things actually work? It’s a girl’s job to pick out their most favourite swimsuit, but it’s our job, the job of a (real) man, to make sure that we get out girls out of that swimsuit and into our beds. That’s what it’s really all about, deal with it!

There are two final things that I would like to address; although the only time when I really laughed during this episode was when Haruomi got slapped in the face by Arashi’s breasts, I couldn’t help but notice that Kaoruko appeared once more. I like her, but I feel that she, being Akito’s editor and all, shouldn’t be so ridiculously shy, seeing as she’s the oldest one there. A bit of aggressiveness would probably do her good.

Finally, I don’t like Arisa. I really don’t. She was really adorable at first. But, having seen only one episode with her in it, I’m already becoming annoyed. Those little sounds she makes (“Kyuu”) were ridiculously cute at first, but they’re milking it out. It’s becoming annoying because she does it so often. Three times per episode, for me at least, would be the maximum. I can’t begin to count the amount of times she did it during this week’s episode.

OniAi episode 08 screencaps

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