Dec 11, 2012

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OniAi episode 10

I just finished watching this week’s OniAi, which was released a tad bit late this time. I must say that I’m not sure about it anymore. I suppose I have to learn to accept the fact that OniAi’s strengths doesn’t lie with the story. It’s all about ecchi comedy now, nothing more.

I had a feeling that they would milk out this whole Akito being sick business. It’s a perfect opportunity for the female characters to do all sorts of things to the sick and weak Akito. It’s a shame nothing happened, but it was quite nice to know a bit more about Haruomi and Akito’s past. Everyone knows that they met each other when they were children, we just didn’t know how.

I was actually surprised that Haruomi didn’t make use of the opportunity that was presented to her. She could’ve ‘made’ Akito hers. Just gentle nurse him, kiss him, and make sure he sweats out his cold one way or the other. It would’ve been perfect, and no guy could’ve ever resisted that, not even when the girl actually looks a bit like a boy (boyish girls can be quite the charmers too, you know).

I was actually a bit disappointed in Arashi to be very honest. She spent very little time with Akito. She rolled him back in bed and changed the wet towel on his head, that’s it. She, unlike the other girls, never did anything strange. That’s completely out of character. Let her tie him up, kiss him, lick his neck or make him uncomfortable by making her strip again. At least do something that’s within that character’s nature. This was just disappointing.

I almost jumped through the roof when Arashi got a bit of alone time with him. It was hilarious that Akito made Arashi the winner of their silly little caretaking contest, not knowing about the secret prize (a day alone in the house with Akito). I thought for sure that Arashi would try to rape the living hell out of him. Too bad, better luck next time…

OniAi episode 10 screencaps

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