May 15, 2015

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Ore Monogatari!! episode 06

Well, it seems that I was overreacting during my last episode. I expected something far worse to happen. Did I miscalculate the fact that these characters are all weird and childish? Maybe I was thinking too serious about things.

[HorribleSubs] Ore Monogatari!! - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.20_[2015.05.14_23.54.47]So Makoto’s sister decided to meddle after she met up with Takeo. It’s something that everyone could’ve seen coming. Women are like that, you know. But hey, she managed to drag out the necessary information; which was that Rinko was so incredibly worried that Takeo sees her as this pure creature that wouldn’t do anything indecent or physical, even though the girl wanted things to get physical. She wanted to hold hands, hug and kiss and do things that teenagers do at that age. You know, the usual. She was worried about something as insignificant as that…

[HorribleSubs] Ore Monogatari!! - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.27_[2015.05.14_23.55.05]Fine, I can see why that might be a bit of a problem. The guy is almost twice her size, he’s built like a brick chicken house and he has no experience with girls whatsoever. I can somehow understand why she would be reluctant to confront him about this issue. But hey, she did and he understood. Things are once again on the up and up.

As for Ai; she lost. I don’t see this relationship dying anytime soon. Besides, I am fairly certain that Takeo only sees Ai as a sister figure and nothing more. The thought of her being girlfriend material probably never even entered his head even once. Do I feel bad about that? Not really. She had plenty of time to tell him about her feelings. Now it’s simply too late.

Ore Monogatari!! episode 06 screencaps

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