Sep 14, 2013

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Oreca Battle anime green-lit

Oreca Battle anime green-lit

The October issue of Shogakukan’s Monthly CoroCoro Comic magazine announced on Saturday that an anime adaptation of Konami’s arcade card game Monster Retsuden Oreca Battle (Monster Chronicles Oreca Battle) has been green-lit. The main character Fire Orega and the monster Kerogon are featured in the magazine.
The original arcade game allows players to fight, capture, raise, and combine monsters to create new creatures. The first machines appeared in Japan in March 2012. A manga adaptation of the game by Satoshi Yamaura has been running in the magazine, and the third compiled volume shipped in Japan in August.

In the manga’s story, Fire, a boy who loves the Oreca competitions, is guided by the mysterious Pandora. Fire uncovers secrets as he battles with real Oreca monsters. Together with the Oreca Youth Scouts, Fire fights to take back the twelve dragons stolen by the devil king.

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