Apr 15, 2013

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Oreimo 2 episode 02

Surprised? Then you’re a bigger fool than you thought. How could I not write about Oreimo? I absolutely loved the first season. To hell with all those that constantly focus on the borderline incest and lose sight of everything else. Oreimo rules!

[HorribleSubs] Oreimo S2 - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.50_[2013.04.14_23.55.34]I must say that I was very surprised by how the episode started. I never would’ve thought that Ayase would consult with Kyousuke. Just try to imagine how surprised I was when she actually agreed to come with him to his room, alone. I was shocked. I knew nothing was going to happen, but I was still shocked.

Why? All because they both wanted to help Kirino with her addiction. It’s no surprised that she finally got hooked on a game. She plays them like I gobble up tic-tac’s. It’s just really sad that Kirino, a girl, got hooked on a girl where she’s in a relationship with another girl. She really, really seems to love it. That’s just sad…

[HorribleSubs] Oreimo S2 - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.22_[2013.04.14_23.55.46]I also noticed that Manami is slowly crawling back into the big picture. Mind you, I love her. She’s a cute childhood friend of his. We could all use one of those when growing up. It’s too bad that she doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell though. Kyousuke probably doesn’t even see her as a potential girlfriend. He only looks at Ruri, his sister and maybe Ayase too. The rest just isn’t important.

To those that hope he ends up with Kirino, his younger sister; good for you. But not me, I’m hoping he ends up with Ruri. She’s absolutely adorable. Besides, she has quite the hard life, so she deserves a bit of happiness. It’s definitely her I’m rooting for!

Oreimo 2 episode 02 screencaps

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