Apr 9, 2013

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Oreimo 2

Japan is very good to us this season. My god, a second Oreimo season… God, please don’t let me die during the next twelve to thirteen months, providing the Japanese haven’t gotten smarter by giving this show even more episodes. Let me live long enough to watch this season!

Oreimo 2No complaints about the artwork here. Kirino still looks as cute as ever, Ruri is still as tsundere as ever and Kyousuke is pretty much still screwed. I wouldn’t change a single thing when it comes to the artwork, not even during the first season. Everything is good as is.

It’s the story that interests me most… Who doesn’t like a bit of borderline incest? True love transcends every single bond, I think. That’s is why I’m really anxious to see what’s going to happen, especially since Ruri sort of confessed to Kyousuke during the first season (and he still remembers)!

I, without a single doubt in my mind, recommend this show. Haven’t seen the first season yet? Watch it! Have you seen it? Why not watch it again? This deserves to be watched! I know that there are a lot of people out there that more than frown upon the idea of a relationship between brother and sister, but I don’t care about that. Oreimo is about much more than that, you’ll see!

Plot Summary: Living on the shadow of his prodigious younger sister, Kyousuke Kosaka conducts a normal lifestyle until he accidentally finds out that she hides a secret. In addition to being smart, pretty, and popular; Kirino Kosaka is also an obsessive consumer of anime and eroge (adult computer games). After being assured that Kyousuke is committed to not mock her and keep this concealed from their parents, she starts to share a bit of her world with him. Kirino faces several problems as she tries to keep the appearances and balance her exemplar school life with her hobbies. Her brother then becomes a crucial ally while dealing with all the difficulties that lie ahead.

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