Jan 17, 2013

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I can’t believe I forgot to write a review about this. I already did the second episode, and I thought that I had written a review about the first episode as well. Maybe I’m finally starting to lose my mind? It sure does look like it.

OreShuraAnyway, the artwork is pretty good. I like the characters and I like the detailed backgrounds. I especially like Masuzu. She looks great; truly a character that you could recognize out of a twenty-character line-up.

I can say whatever I want, but it doesn’t change the fact that this show is pretty good. The story is interesting, the artwork is good, what more do you want? A story about a girl that blackmails a guy into becoming her fake boyfriend is always aces in my book.

I most certainly recommend this show. I bet a lot of romance lovers would go nuts over this. It can be quite funny, too, but I don’t think die-hard comedy fans would want to watch this just for the comedy.

Plot Summary: Eita enters high school aiming for the National University School of Medicine. Because of his parents’ divorce—and his goal—he shuns anything to do with romance or love. One day, Masuzu, the school beauty with the silver hair who has just returned to the country, enters his life in a most unexpected way. Chiwa, his childhood friend since elementary school, will not let this go without a fight.

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