Apr 2, 2013

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OreShura episode 13

A predictable end is better than no end at all, I guess. That’s why I’m pretty satisfied by how things ended with OreShura, especially if I look at some of the endings I’ve seen in the past few weeks. OreShura looks pretty darn good compared to a few others.

[HorribleSubs] OreShura - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.50_[2013.04.01_22.57.02]That being said; why is it that some of these things turn out to be so predictable? The content was at hand and it was time for the girls to speak their mind. It didn’t take them long to confess to Eita, but things changed when Masuzu took the spotlight. She was reluctant and worried at first, thinking that her feelings for Eita weren’t strong enough. In fact, I think that she still wasn’t entirely sure about her feelings for him.

It took Eita to finally confess. Rather, it took him a lot of balls (for the lack of a better word that satisfies my need to be direct as hell) to actually kiss the poor ‘ol mare. That’s right, I’m throwing in a bit of scrapheap British, even though I’m not from England. I’m telling you, Eita is going to be her pet for the rest of his life.

[HorribleSubs] OreShura - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.27_[2013.04.01_22.57.59]I must say that it was a rough ending. We all knew that one of the girls was going to get picked. Some of us, including yours truly, knew that it was going to be Masuzu, but what about the rest? They will have to deal with the fact that they’ve all be rejected by the guy they like the most. I’m pretty sure Ai and Himeka will be alright after a little while, but what about Chiwa? She’s a childhood friend of his that’s been in love with him for a long, long time. Surely that hurts. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she refused to give up on him. That’s why I psyched like hell when she kissed him. It’s too bad that it’s over, but like I said; it was a pretty good ending. Well done!

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