Apr 16, 2014

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Sidonia no Kishi

This is going to be freakishly complicated. I have no idea how to express myself when it comes to Sidonia no Kishi. It’s very hard to describe even though I actually enjoyed the first episode. I never thought that I would come to look this.

Sidonia no KishiThe artwork is the main issue here. It’s a sort of 2D mixed in with 2.5D characters. It’s a very strange mixture and you’ll definitely have to get used to this sort of thing, but I actually liked it. I found it rather amusing and ended up enjoying the first episode, even though it’s from the same people that messed up Aku no Hana beyond belief.

The story is pretty cool. It’s interesting, quite well thought out and shows quite a lot of promise. Pump in a little bit of drama and you really have something here.

Do I recommend it…? I don’t know. It’s really difficult. I know that a lot of people are going to dislike this one because of the artwork. Like I said; you have to get used to it. I ended up liking it even though this normally isn’t my type of show. Just give it a try…

Plot Summary: It’s been a thousand years since the Gauna, a strange alien race with no known method of communication, destroyed the solar system. A portion of humanity managed to escape using enormous “seed ships” like the Sidonia, which have allowed them to maintain the population while drifting through space. Nagate Tanikaze is a young man who has been raised deep in the bowels of the ship. When he goes into training to pilot the huge robotic weapons known as Gardes, Nagate is entrusted with piloting the legendary unit known as Tsugumori. Nagate and his fellow pilots put their lives on the line against the Gauna, in the ultimate battle for the survival of humanity.

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Apr 16, 2014

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Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Now this is truly a damn shame. This is one of those rare anime shorts that I’m probably going to end up watching from start to finish. It really is a shame that it’s only three minutes per episode because I could definitely watch twenty minutes of this every week.

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-sanThe artwork is surprisingly good for an anime short. The characters look nice, their expressions are hilarious and you could very well say that it’s too detailed for an anime short. I have no complaints about the artwork whatsoever.

It’s really the story that’s the problem. There basically is none. You get three short minutes of fun every week, that’s it. There’s just not enough time for a decent story, so I guess we’ll just have to enjoy the thirty-six minutes this season.

Do I recommend it? I might as well. It’s three minutes of laughter, why not? You could watch it during commercials or if you are waiting for something or someone… I definitely wouldn’t call this a waste of time. Not this time.

Plot Summary: Suzu Nekoyama is a timid, shy tsundere girl who loves dogs; her classmate Yachiyo Inugami is a super masochistic, air-headed, friendly girl who loves cats. One day, after a fateful meeting, the two find themselves attracted to each other. In response to Inugami’s instinctive approaches, Nekoyama is always bashful. Their friend Aki has to work hard to make jabs at some of the situations of the two, and also to stop Inugami from going berserk.

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Apr 15, 2014

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One Week Friends episode 02

Man, I just have to. I am completely hooked on One Week Friends since the moment I saw the first episode. The entire concept is interesting and the characters are just superb. There is just no way that I wouldn’t write about this.

[HorribleSubs] One Week Friends - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.16_[2014.04.14_23.43.08]You just got to root for Yuuki. The guy probably follows a certain guide, probably; “life will knock you down more times than you can possibly imagine. Don’t knock yourself down” – Adam Braverman. That being said, he swallows whatever pride he has left and still approaches her with the intention of becoming her friend once and for all. She keeps forgetting about him at the end of the week and he just has to start over again.  He’s right, you know? It takes courage to walk up to some unknown person and start a conversation that might or might not lead to friendship (or more). It really does.

[HorribleSubs] One Week Friends - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.49_[2014.04.14_23.43.46]I thought that part about the diary brilliant. Simple and obvious, but brilliant. I liked it because it turned out that he did it more for himself than for Kaori. I thought it was quite ingenious. Kaori may not remember it at the end of the week, but at least she can read about what kind of friend Yuuki was to her. That should help.

Now, will Kaori ever recover? Maybe. If she does then it’ll be at the end. Her losing memory every week is pretty much the biggest charm that One Week Friends has to offer. In fact, the entire story revolves around Kaori and her memory. Still, do I want to see her recover in the end? I most certainly do. Everyone deserves to be happy.

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Apr 15, 2014

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Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?

Yeah, sure, why not? I’m game. I’m not sure if other people are interesting in watching a show about a group of girls and an old man that now lives inside a fluffy rabbit, but hey… Everybody has his own thing. It might actually be quite interesting.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu kaThe artwork is pretty nice. They focus on the strangest things and I think their reactions are bit over the top, but that’s really it. I can find no other (major) faults in the artwork. I really liked what I saw, especially that adorable poker-face character, Chino.

I have no idea what I should say about the story right now. Like I said, it’s about a group of girls and their lives in that café and an old man who’s trapped inside a fluffy bunny. You be the judge.

Do I recommend it? Yes, to comedy fans. You really need to have an open mind for this one. Also, don’t bother if you hate girly-girl scenes. I’m guessing this contains lots of ‘em.

Plot Summary: High school freshman Cocoa Hoto got lost and bumped into a coffee shop called “Rabbit House” while looking for a boarding house for the upcoming semester of her new school. Luckily, Rabbit House is the boarding house she’s looking for, and to return the favor Cocoa starts working at the coffee shop alongside quiet and cool Chino, strong and athletic Rize, plus Chiya and Syaro from Japanese-styled coffee shop Amausaan, as well as the shop mascot rabbit Tippy, who sometimes doesn’t quite act like a rabbit….

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Apr 15, 2014

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Ping Pong The Animation

What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On!? I’ve visited over five different sites and saw how this got a seven average. A seven!? How does this deserve a seven? I was thinking more of a five, which I think is very generous after what I’ve seen.

Ping Pong The AnimationThe artwork is just too damn bad. Some of the characters look good and some of the details do too. That’s it… The rest just looks too dreadful to even describe.

It does have a decent story. Certainly one that’s worthy of twenty minutes per episode, but the artwork just needs to be improved. This is just too damn terrible.

I’m sorry, but I cannot recommend this. I did not enjoy it and I cannot see how you, a reader, could. It’s just too heavy on the eyes.

Plot Summary: Makoto Tsukimoto (nicknamed Smile) is a quiet high-schooler who’s been friends with the loud and energetic Yukata Hoshino (nicknamed Peco) since childhood. They’re both in the local table tennis club and both have a natural talent for it, although Smile’s personality always prevents him from winning against Peco. The club teacher, however, notices Smile’s talent and tries to make him gain some sportive tenacity.

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Apr 14, 2014

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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei episode 02

No hesitation. Not a single second. I knew that I would want to write about this as soon as I finished watching the first episode. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is definitely one of the best shows this season so far. Definitely.

[HorribleSubs] Mahouka - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.06_[2014.04.13_23.25.44]I’m kind of puzzled by Tatsuya, still. What is up with that guy? I just can’t figure him out. I have a rough idea what he can do right now and I am slowly staring to understand why he does what he does, but what is going on with that character? There’s just no way for me to predict what he will do next. What is going on in his mind? Does he see all of those characters as enemies? As complications? I just don’t know what his next move will be or how strong he actually is. That character is just one big question mark that keeps on getting bigger. It’s probably why I’m so interested in this show.

[HorribleSubs] Mahouka - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.08_[2014.04.13_23.25.57]Tatsuya became a part of the student council, which doesn’t sound like a big deal at first, but he’s the first “weed” to have become it. I didn’t know if I should’ve laughed or just sit here with a surprised look on my face when he beat that guy in about a second. I truly am a sucker for overpowered main characters, even if they’re rather strange.

Like I said; I have no idea what to expect. It was a good episode and I learned quite a bit about the characters and their school. In my mind it’s about to become this competition between “weeds” and “blooms” to see which is better. I honestly wouldn’t mind that, especially if Tatsuya became the leader of the “weeds”. We’ll just have to wait and see…

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Apr 14, 2014

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No Game No Life

What the hell? Why didn’t this catch my eye sooner? This truly was a very pleasant surprise. I dare call it a must-write at this point. I thought it was going to be another one of those stories about a NEET and his live behind a pc screen.

No Game No LifeThe artwork… wow. It looks amazing. It really, really does. I really like this style and I think it fits the story perfectly. It’s so colourful and detailed that I cannot look away. In fact, my phone rang as I was watching this episode, so I “feeling” its position because I couldn’t look away. Needless to say that I was too late and had to call back later after I finished watching the first episode.

I thought I was going to have to follow Sora and Shiro as they wasted away in that room playing games. Well, at least for the most part. I also thought that it could be like dot hack, where the characters were dragged into a game and couldn’t log out of out. But no… This is different and it’s very good!

Watch it. Watch it. Watch it. Just to make sure you got the message: watch it. This is arguably the best show this season. Mahouka is good, it really is, but this might just be a little bit better. I am completely hooked right now.

Plot Summary: Genius gamer siblings (plus being NEET & hikikomori) Sora and Shiro are known as the undefeatable “__” (blank). Their talents and skills are so good they are considered as urban legend. One day, a young boy named Teto appears before them, claiming to be the “God” of another dimension where Sora and Shiro are summoned to, in which no violence is allowed and everything is decided by a game. Of the 16 different races residing in this world, “Humanity” is the weakest. After having the vast majority of their lands captured by the other races and being driven to the brink of extinction, Sora and Shiro challenge these one-of-a-kind battles of the intellectual powers in order to save Humanity.

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Apr 14, 2014

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Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun

I suppose every season has at least one or two disappointments… This is definitely one of them. I had to grit my teeth and bear it without skipping through the episode. It was very uninteresting and very vague. What a shame…

Fuuun Ishin Dai ShogunArtwork doesn’t really speak to me. It’s not good, it’s not bad. The characters just look a bit plain and it’s not as detailed as you might expect. At least the mechs, from what I could tell, looked pretty decent. That’s always important in mecha-genre anime.

The story is lacking. I have no idea what the point of the first episode was and I have no idea if I will ever want to recommend something like this to anyone. Seriously, what is it about? I honestly have no idea.

I’m afraid I cannot recommend something when I don’t even know what it’s about. All I saw was some aggressive main character that was looking for some perverted woman that lures men with her body to kill them after sex. Seriously, how is that a story? That’s a real-life thing that’s happening everywhere. Only we nowadays call it marriage…

Plot Summary: In the late Edo period, Japan had experienced an unprecedented crisis by Kurofune (Black Ships), the ships from foreign countries. But a giant robot called Onigami, which has existed since ancient time, dispelled the Kurofune ships and the exclusion of foreigners was accomplished. The story begins in Japan where Meiji restoration in 1868 didn’t happen.

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