Jan 18, 2012

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 02

Oh hell yeah! This is seriously my kind of show!  It’s filled to the brim with comedy, drama and slices of life. It kind of remembers me of Usagi Drop, who also started out with a bad and bumpy story. But still, I had no idea that this would’ve happened! Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! starts to look better and better.

The episode started out pretty peaceful, or as peaceful as it gets anyway. Yuuta fell asleep the night before and so Miu, while the poor kid was sleeping, decided to give him an extreme makeover. He woke up to the screams of their father, his sister’s current man. He thought that Yuuta was an intruder and attacked him. Good thing for Yuuta that the man’s a weakling.

Now the whole family was complete; time for them to reveal the true reason behind Yuuta’s invitation! It seems that mister and misses Takanashi planned an exotic trip for themselves, leaving Yuuta behind to take care of the girls. Yuuta didn’t really fight it much, he eventually agreed to take care of them, after all; they’re family.

Then it happened! The plane that those two lovebirds took ended up crashing. With the bodies now missing it seems that all hope is lost. The rest of the family came from afar for the ceremony and to decide what would happen with the girls. Each family member was prepared to take responsibility for one of the girls, resulting in them being separated.

But, Yuuta refused to let them be separated. He was raised by his sister, the same sister that stood her own ground in order to raise Yuuta. He would be damned if he saw those girls separated, so he invited them all to come live with him. Sure, he’s just your everyday poor student, but he was willing to sacrifice a lot if it would mean that those three girls wound remain together. Yuuta has no experience or knowledge when it comes to raising kids, but neither did his sister at the time. Still, he was willing to give it his all.

It certainly was a very touching episode. The story isn’t anything that special; you know… plane crash, people going missing, etc… But! The comedy, drama and artwork more than make up for that. I’m definitely sticking with this show!

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