Feb 15, 2012

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 06

Hey all, I just wanted to finish this post today so that I can schedule it for later. I have to write about it, I have no choice… the episode sort of moved me. But I do find one thing rather troublesome. I discovered that Hiromi Igarashi, the voice of Hina-chan, also does the voices of several characters in hentai anime. I find that a little bit disturbing, as it sort of messes with my image of Hina.

Anyway, this week’s episode was pretty damn good as well. The girls got a little bit homesick and wanted to go back to their old home in order to pick up a few belongings. It was Yuuta’s day off, so why not? The journey was a quick one, but nostalgia showed its annoying little face as soon as they arrived. Upon arrival they encountered some boys, boys that happened to be friends of Miu. I knew that she was pretty good with boys, that comes as no surprise to me, but I find that a little disturbing as well. Yuuta has to make a mental note of that. Hell, even Sora-chan encountered an old friend, although female. Yuuta has to put aside a little bit of money each month, because he’ll need to buy a gun later on as the girls reach that “magical” age.

However, Hina-chan is still as innocent and pure as ever, for now. Hiromi may play several characters in adult-rated anime, but she does an incredible child-like voice, kudos. I noticed that Hina is still hung up about the absence of her parents. She’s three years old, she wouldn’t understand the truth. Ignorance is bliss, for now. Also, she may be young, but she shows clear signs of intelligence, as she retains a lot of valuable information without even realizing it. Sure, that happens to little children, but not to that extent. I doubt that your average toddler would memorize the location of your fuse box, let alone know how to work it. That’s was when I started paying more attention to her.

Meanwhile the girls were done settling their personal affairs. They came home pretty cheerful, that’s always a good sign. The day quickly came to an end after the girls had almost finished packing up their things. They each went to their individual rooms, after all; it was a big house. But they ended up spending the night together again, despite the amount of available rooms. I guess everyone has gotten accustomed to living together, why else would they have trouble sleeping?

It really was a good episode. I cannot understand why the show’s ratings won’t rise though. I would give this show an eight, at the least. So why is it that this show is stuck on a 7.7 for the second week in a row? I would definitely grant this show a higher rating. In fact; I’d rather see a second Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai season than a second Phi Brain season, but that’s just my opinion.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 06 screencaps

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