Mar 28, 2012

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 12

This is so sad… I cannot believe that we’ve finally reached the final episode of Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! It was a good one too, really good. That’s why AniDB is by far the worst anime site. The ratings for this show are a mere five point three on that site. That’s just wrong, because on other sites it weighs around an eight. I never liked AniDB, it seems like a place for “newbies”.

Anyway, the story got a bit more difficult. Yuuta had to consider last week’s offer for his uncle to take in the girls. That’s a whole lot to process, especially when the time has come to tell Hina-chan that her parents aren’t coming back any time soon. That was so touching, even though she probably didn’t understand it completely. She is still under the impression that they are far away on holiday, but it’s better that way. She can finally continue with her life, she can continue living a proper life, without constantly having to wait for her parents to return.

Still, Yuuta’s job was far from over. He decided to visit his sister’s grave, not knowing that he was followed by Sora-chan. Sora was under the impression that he was going to their uncle to give him the OK to take the girls in. Sora-chan confronted him then and there, telling him that they, her and her sisters, didn’t want to move, that they wanted to stay with him. Their uncle and aunt, who happened to be there, heard every word. However, they weren’t upset, oh no. They were relieved when they heard that the girls have finally found a new place that they can call home. That is a huge relief. Yuuta may not be the best parent, especially not in situations like those, but he does his best and works hard to support them.

The ending was something else. The entire neighbourhood showed up to watch Hina-chan’s play. It was really touching. I think that things will go a lot better from here on out. They have made friends, they have the support of the rest of their family, a lot people stand behind them and Yuuta finally realized what he had to do. He may not be their father, but he is their guardian, and he is willing to do his best for them. That is all that really matters.

I guess this is it… There will be no more next week. I get really disappointed when I think about that, sigh. I want it to be known to the world that I enjoyed each and every episode, and that I laughed, cried, cheered and rooted for them throughout the entire show. That’s the kind of anime this is; unforgettable. I recommend this anime to everyone. There is a lot of comedy, drama, hints of romance and slices of real life. Give it a shot if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth it, trust me!

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 12 screencaps

  1. i am a guy too but i am not ashamed of admitting that i cried a little during the final episode.

    i am keeping my fingers crossed for a second season

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