Dec 5, 2014

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Parasyte episode 10

Oh no! Who could’ve possible seen this coming? To think that a parasite would kill humans to keep its secret safe… That is a complete shock. All sarcasm aside; it really was a cool episode despite it being pretty predictable.

[HorribleSubs] Parasyte - the maxim - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_01.56_[2014.12.04_23.42.18]So Shinichi realized that he had to do something. That guy was going on a killing spree after some girl found out about his secret and covered him with acid when he tried to kill her. This left him in a very vulnerable state; he was not recovering and his senses were going wild. He basically killed every living create he would come across in order to survive. Everything was a potential enemy and could end up killing him in such a vulnerable state. That is why many people (and animals) had to die before Shinichi and Migi could get to him.

[HorribleSubs] Parasyte - the maxim - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.07_[2014.12.04_23.43.14]That’s the interesting thing about humans; there are plenty of sacrificial lambs. There always have been. It took Shinichi awhile to get ready, but he and his parasitic friend managed to kill that guy in the end. I must say that I was quite impressed by that arm and the idea to throw a rock at high speed to destroy that guy’s heart. I saw that scene three times before I continued with the rest.

Shinichi received yet another blow. His important friend almost got killed, he witnessed the deaths of his fellow students and he learned yet another valuable lessons. Time for him to stop panicking so much. He is a superhuman now. Just charge in, evade all the tentacles and kill those evil parasites one by one. No time to be hesitant.

Parasyte episode 10 screencaps

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