Oct 2, 2011

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New PC case

Man, I have lots of writing backed up; guess I have to make up for that. I would like to start by saying that my case was burned too, and the smell just wouldn’t go away, so I had to get myself a new case.

That’s why I couldn’t write anything yesterday, I was busy with my new case. I decided to get myself a nice gaming-type case with an advanced fan controller with temperature reading, in order to prevent these types of problems next time. I think I bought a good one, suitable for all my hardware and future casemodding.
I’m also planning on getting a new video card; I prefer to play games like Battlefield 3 on maximum settings.

Want to see the photos? Continue reading!

The side of the case, all fans have blue leds. Soon the case itself will have blue neon lighting too.

The front of the case, while the top part is closed.

The front of the case with the top part open, revealing the fan controller and CD/DVD drive. 

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