Oct 7, 2011

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Persona 4

You have no idea how much my girl has been waiting for this one. Ever since she learned of this anime she’s been nagging me non-stop. I guess it’s my mistake for introducing her to Persona: Trinity Soul.

I have to admit, after watching the first episode, that it looked pretty good. If anything, from what I can remember, it looks better than Persona: Trinity Soul, this one seems to be a lot more detailed.  I’m not too sure about the story; it’s a persona anime, so how unique, compared to the other persona anime, could this one be? Sure, the story will be slightly different, but won’t the basic gist of it be the same?

I think that it could become very interesting, even though the foundation of this anime has already been set before it even aired.  Persona: Trinity Soul didn’t have the best ratings, so they have to look deeper into their closet and pull out whatever’s in there, otherwise this one will turn out just as disappointing.

Plot Summary: Persona 4 takes place in the same universe as Persona 3 in a rural town named Inaba. There have been mysterious murders occurring whenever there was fog after heavy rain. There were also rumors about a channel on television airing only at midnight called Mayonaka TV, during which it is said that one can see his/her “other half” when staring at the TV screen.

After hearing about a recent unsolved murder which occurred during the fog, the characters—the main character, Chie, and Yōsuke—discuss how each of them had attempted to watch the mysterious TV channel and witnessed the murder victim. The protagonist later realizes that during midnight when the channel is on, his body can phase into his television set as a gateway to enter another world infested with shadows.

After discovering this, they all decide to explore. When first completely entering the world, dazed and confused, the main character meets Teddie. Mayonaka TV and the town murders seem to have a connection. The murder victims may be merely victims of Mayonaka TV. Everyone decides that they will together try to solve the mysterious murders by exploring the hidden world of Mayonaka TV.

After the closing events of Persona 3 on January 31, 2010, Persona 4 starts April 11, 2011, Putting the start of Persona 4 fourteen months after the end of Persona 3, this is also evident by the appearance of an older Chihiro, who is now a 3rd year student.

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