Jan 10, 2016

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Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation

What the hell? I actually know this game. I’ve never actually played it myself, but I’ve seen two of my colleague’s play it during their lunch breaks. They think it’s a great game, which is why I’ve kept my eyes open for the anime adaption ever since I learned about it.

Phantasy Star Online 2 The AnimationI must say that I’m not very impressed. The characters look pretty uninspired and the artwork is so-so. I believe that there are a few things that could’ve done a lot better (like a lot of those character close-up scenes).

The story, because it’s made based on an online role playing game, seems to be lacking a few key elements that would’ve made this a success. Yes, I watched it from start to finish, but I honestly am not at all interested in the story.

I am afraid that there’s not much of a story. I mean, a boy gets instructed to play an online game in order to help his school’s student council… How is that helping? It makes no sense whatsoever and it doesn’t even seem all that interesting to be honest.

Plot Summary: Itsuki Tachibana is a student of Seiga Academy, a co-ed boarding high school with excellent reputation, located in a suburb outside the city center. On a day of second semester, he was summoned by Rina Izumi, the most esteemed and praised chairperson, to the student council room, without knowing what awaits him.

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