Oct 10, 2013

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Phi Brain 3

I was shocked when I heard about the second Phi Brain season, absolutely shocked. Just try to imagine what went through my mind when I read that there was actually going to be a third season. I refuse to believe that this is popular in Japan.

Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle 3rd SeasonI have to admit that the artwork looks really good. The characters are great and they paid a lot of attention to detail. It’s clearly not a budget production. That artwork is by far the best thing about this show.

I barely got through the first season. The first few episodes were exciting, which is why I decided to write about it, but it got really boring after that. It’s always the same stuff; solving puzzles in order to save lives or achieve some ridiculous goal. It’s like watching a football match every week even though you already know the results.

I’m sorry, I just can’t recommend this. It gets really boring after a few episodes. The user-ratings on pretty much any anime community website prove that this show is average at best. Still, using-ratings aren’t everything, keep that in mind.

Plot Summary: In order to restore Jin’s memory, Kaito and his friends go on a puzzle-viewing journey to England. As they’re walking through the underground maze beneath the church, where young Kaito and Rook first met Jin, a mysterious girl appears in front of them.

Jin calls the girl by the name “Raetsel”. It seems they know each other. However, she suddenly disappears and takes Jin with her. What’s more, the traps in the underground maze are activated and start coming after Kaito and his friends.

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