Nov 29, 2011

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Phi Brain episode 09

Its peanut butter puzzle time, peanut butter puzzle time!  Where ya at? Sorry about that, something had to give. I just can’t seem to take this anime seriously, even though it’s been granted, for as far as we know, no less than twenty five episodes. The artwork is awesome though.

I’m slightly confused about the opening. Baron, Kaito’s school principle, the man who wanted Kaito to keep doing puzzles, was talking with that POG big shot. Just how are these two connected? And if Baron really is connected to the POG, does that mean that Souji, the student council president, the guy who’s always with the principle, is somehow related to the POG as well? It’s getting a lot more complicated.

Meanwhile the puzzle fanatics are enjoying their school festival to the best of their abilities, although the fun couldn’t possibly be that great when, as a guy, you’re dresses as a princess and/or a maid. But there isn’t enough time to frolic around as Kaito once again receives yet another challenge by the POG. This time Nonoha has been captured until Kaito saves her by solving the puzzle.

This week Kaito finds himself in a burning room with a lot of speaking dolls. The objective is to separate the speaking dolls into two groups; the honest group and the lying group. One should be able to find the “Delicious apples” by doing that. Kaito realized that the POG giver, the one who created and/or allowed him to participate in the puzzle, left out some vital information on how to solve the puzzle.

What became clear in this episode is that Souji as well as Baron are related to the POG in some way. But, despite their relation with the POG, they are, for now at least, on Kaito’s side, as they helped him in solving that puzzle. Baron also referred to that giver as “president”, which is kind of confusing, because I was under the impression that Luke was the one pulling the strings.

The anime is pretty good, the artwork is great and the puzzles are difficult, making it very difficult for the viewer to know what’s going to happen. It’s the story that bothers me… They are adding more and more twists. Some scenes are a bit confusing thanks to those twists.

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