Dec 6, 2011

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Phi Brain episode 10

Sorry for falling behind guys. I planned on doing this post earlier today, but a lot of stuff suddenly came up. People had me riding all over town, looking for Christmas items and whatnot. But where’s my reward? It’s nowhere to be found.

Anyway, I just finished watching this episode, and I must say that the opening was the weirdest so far. Apparently a fourteen year old Idol is nowadays known as a “Puzzle Queen” of sorts. Either way; Kaito likes her puzzles. I think Nonoha mistook his interest in her puzzles as a sign of interest in Antoinette, the self-proclaimed puzzle queen.  I don’t think she has any say in it though; she has yet to confess her love for him.

Meanwhile Gammon is playing some sort of dual player Tetris game against Antoinette. He somewhat kidnapped her, although with good intentions, to keep her away from a dozen of men in suits, who wanted to take her somewhere. Great, the only thing that was missing here was an army of Lolicons.

Things got a lot more complicated when Antoinette joined the POG, or perhaps she already was a member, who knows? Either way; she has taken an interest to Gammon, probably because she can get to Kaito by using him. She gave Gammon an invitation to do one of her puzzles, knowing that Kaito and Nonoha would came as well. Those three are always together when it comes to solving puzzles. Hell, they’re always together at school too.

The Kenja Puzzle they came to solve was a tricky one, most of them usually are. The solvers were given no less than five minutes to solve the puzzle before they all fall down and die.  The week’s objective was to rescue Gammon and Nonoha by placing the key pieces on the right spots. Each piece has its own color, just like each spot has its own color. They were also given the option to sacrifice one another in order to advance safely.

Things started getting better for Kaito when both of his friends said they trusted his judgment. Antoinette was a bit surprised, probably because this puzzle relies on the solver’s mental state. The chances of solving it become less likely when the solver is under a lot of stress.  That’s with most things, you can’t perform properly if you are under a lot of stress, that’s what made this puzzle so hard.

Kaito managed to solve the puzzle at the very last moment by using the powers of his bracelet. I smiled big time when I saw that POG big shot get furious because yet another one of his Givers failed to bring down Kaito. I can’t say too much though, as Kaito wouldn’t be that much of a threat if he didn’t have that bracelet, it saved him more times than I can remember.

This week’s episode was pretty funny. I hope Antoinette becomes a regular character, it’d be nice to see something happen between her and Gammon, although she’s younger than him.

  1. I like this show for its funny wits, the socalled ‘action’ isn’t really that exciting. its not an anime I would easily recommend

    It does look great though

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