Dec 13, 2011

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Phi Brain episode 11

I’ve been busy all day. I was hoping to write the next post from my new laptop, but unfortunately it hadn’t arrived yet. That really sucks, I hate the mail and package services here, as they always take many days for your stuff to arrive.

Anyway, we continue with Phi Brain. I must say that this week’s episode started out weirder than ever, for a second there I thought I was watching some kind of Japanese power rangers. I’m so glad I was wrong, it just turned out to be some film set where Kaito and his friends just happened to “work” together with the self-proclaimed puzzle queen.

I’m pretty sure that if that POG big-shot was apprehended, that things would return back to normal, or as normal as it could get. He was trying to get Antoinette to make yet another Kenja Puzzle, hoping it would finally defeat Kaito.

Kaito and his friends got dragged into yet another puzzle. This week’s puzzle is a three dimensional one, it’s objective is to place the pieces of the puzzle in the correct order. Everything has to fit perfectly, all the spots have to be filled, leaving no gaps left unfilled. Kaito was actually surprised that his friends got dragged in to it, as if that’s something new. That’s pretty naïve for such a smart guy, if you ask me.

They managed to put most of it together with the help of Kaito and Cubic.  But Kenja Puzzles are never really fair, and this week’s puzzle is no exception. Antoinette used some sort of flying gizmo that restricted their movements.  But that wasn’t the end of it, because that POG big-shot decided to interfere again by releasing flying grenades onto the field. Kaito and the rest quickly countered by using Cubic’s invention as a weapon.

Kaito’s bracelet once again activated, giving him superhuman abilities in order to solve puzzles. He barely made it by guiding everyone through it, but it’ll only get harder from here. Next week’s puzzle will just be as hard, if not harder.

That big-shot finally got apprehended because he failed again. It seems that Luke is finally going to take things into his own hands. I’m a little bit excited about next week’s episode, but just a little bit!

  1. Yeah… I’m rapidly losing interest in this show. I cannot believe that this show gets twice as many episodes as Mashiro-Iro Symphony.

  2. thanks for share!

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