Dec 20, 2011

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Phi Brain episode 12

Sorry about the delay, I finished my work later than expected, as there was more than I had imagined. Still, how many people can say that they are capable of watching and writing about anime after they finished their tasks at hand? Then again, I am somewhat self-employed, so there’s no one to tell me otherwise.

Phi Brain is starting to get a little bit creepy. That Luke is completely obsessed with Kaito and his bracelet. We all know that Kaito’s going to get in trouble, we just don’t know how. Is it just me, or does Phi Brain, because nothing new happens, seem a little bit less exciting?

I don’t think I can say that nothing new ever happens, especially since Luke finally appeared in front of Kaito. I’m not sure his name is actually Luke though, because it sounds more like “Rook” when Kaito says it. All the anime sources say that it’s Luke, so I’m sticking with it. What bothers me here is that Baron and Souji clearly know of his true identity, that Luke’s actually a POG boss.  I doubt, after all that I’ve seen so far, that either one of them is going to tell that to Kaito.

This episode also had a great deal of scenes about their past. It’s always nice to know more about a character’s background, but I find that this information wasn’t all that helpful. It almost looked like, although from my point of view, Luke was trying to “prepare” Kaito for something. Either way; it’s clear that Luke is no friend of his, not anymore.

Kaito, after having traveled back with Luke to their old school, encounters yet another Kenja Puzzle on the school grounds. It kind of pissed me off how Luke continued with his lies, how he deliberately deceived Kaito all this time. That little weasel quickly ran off to safety before the puzzle started, leaving Kaito behind, running for dear life.

Kaito has solved many Kenja Puzzles so far, but not one of these. This puzzle is special, because it was specifically designed to test the abilities of “Phi Brain children.”

Kaito is going to have to face his toughest puzzle yet. We’ll see whether or not he is capable of solving next week’s puzzle. My prediction; he’ll solve it in the nick of time with the use of this bracelet’s powers. Let’s see if I’m right, shall we?

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