Dec 26, 2011

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Phi Brain episode 13

Well, so much for Christmas. I hope you all had a great time these last few days! I still cannot see why Phi Brain got twenty-five episodes and Mashiro-Iro Symphony only twelve. I would rather have watched a lot more of Mashiro-Iro Symphony, but I guess that’s just me.

The episode continues as we’re about to see how Kaito is going to get himself out of this mess. He found himself in a deadly maze where one false step could prove to be fatal. It sort of pissed me off when Luke was lying there, pretending to be unconscious in order to trick Kaito. Makes me want to believe in god so I can shout; “Smite him, smite him now!”

As I said just now, this week’s puzzle is a deadly maze. Kaito’s objective is to get to Luke by using the elevators and pathways. Kaito, after having almost lost his arm, finally reaches Luke. It really pissed me off, even his “wakening” was annoying. He had the audacity to pretend to be unconscious and wake up as though he had a headache.

It seems that Kaito isn’t the only Phi Brain candidate. Anna, Cubic and Gammon are possible Phi Brain Children as well. Kaito himself is pretty convinced that he’s not, but the others are pretty certain, because he has that bracelet and all…

The truth finally came to light! It seems that Luke bears genuine hatred towards Kaito. That’s merely because their old mentor, according to Luke, favored Kaito over him, merely because, like himself, Kaito was a Solver.  It’s pretty pathetic when you think about it, after all; Luke is hung up on something that may or may not have happened during his childhood.

Meanwhile the puzzle gets even harder when the room gets filled with a sea of fire. This triggered the powers of Orpheus, the bracelet around his arm. Kaito, thanks to that bracelet, figured out a loophole in this puzzle and took advantage of it. He seemed to have solved it, when suddenly Luke shows up, claiming that there’s no exit, even though Kaito solved it.

Luke finally revealed his true self. He admitted that he, and he alone, was behind all the Kenja Puzzles that kaito solved so far. I cannot believe that Kaito was so surprised, he should’ve known by now. All the Kenja Puzzles he solved so far, or at least many of them, were the puzzles that he solved for Luke when both of them were children.

The episode ended pretty badly for Kaito. He was a little bit hurt and just lost his so-called friend. And, to top it all off, he now must clear yet another puzzle in order to become this alleged Phi Brain Child.

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