Jan 23, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 16

Here we go yet again with another twenty minutes of Phi Brain, a show where deadly puzzles lay waiting around almost every corner. Phi Brain used to be very popular in the beginning, well… I wouldn’t actually call it popular, but people liked it. But the ratings have dropped a lot these last few weeks. The show now has a measly 6.5 to 7 max. It’s not very surprising, as there have been very few exciting scenes lately. What surprised me most of all is that this show will actually get a second season.

The show started out pretty normally, well, as normal as it can get. The group was in Italy, trying to relax and whatnot. You notice right away that Kaito is still in a slump over Luke. Seriously, that guy will pouch over anything. Things have been very tense recently; Cubic is still on edge, Kaito has been down, Gammon is angry at himself, but luckily Nonoha and Anna stayed the same. I don’t know what would have been if it weren’t for Nonoha and Anna.

Gammon, Nonoha and Anna decided to go for a Gondola ride in order to experience a little bit of what Italy has to offer. This quickly turned for the worse when the man operating the Gondola turned out to be a POG Giver. It’s a good thing that Nonoha and Anna were gone, as things would’ve been far worse if they got involved too.

This week’s puzzle was a difficult one. The objective was to ride the Gondola through all of the five designated gates. Gammon had to pass each and every gate within the designated time limit. Pass all five gates and you win. Too bad it wasn’t as easy and it sounds, for you see; the Gondola couldn’t make sharp turns without getting damaged, so Gammon had to plan his turns carefully in order to reach all the gates without sinking the Gondola.

It all went pretty smoothly until Gammon stood face to face with fifth and final gate. There were no turns wide enough for him to reach the fifth gate, which is why this puzzle was banned. Kaito arrived in the nick of time to take control of the Gondola. You see, it was getting dark outside and the tide was rising, allowing Kaito to make a turn that the Gondola normally couldn’t make. It took Kaito a few seconds and a little bit of help from his bracelet to figure this out.

So now both of them made it out alive after clearing the puzzle, but are they really the winners here? After all; they have keep solving puzzle after puzzle. It will never end if it goes on like this. I just hope that Souji managed to obtain some useful information in his chess match against Luke, because things will only go downhill if they keep getting more and more puzzles.

The episode was pretty much the same as any other; face a little bit of drama, a slight hint of comedy as the characters interact with one another and yet another deadly puzzle to finalize this week’s episode. Like I said; I used to be pretty excited when watching Phi Brain, but that has been slowly declining now. There’s almost never anything new, especially since look revealed his true self to Kaito. Oh well, I’m sure that they’re going to pull out something good out of their arsenal in order for people to come back to watch their second season. Let us just see what happens next, okay?

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