Feb 7, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 18

Finally had time to watch the new Phi Brain episode, but my god, isn’t the story becoming a little bit too dramatic? I understand that a second season has been approved, and that they probably want to build up in order to end the first season with a huge question mark, but come on…

The episode starts with the whole group falling apart. Cubic and Ana no longer hang around Kaito anymore, both of them just focus on themselves as they continue their daily activities. My mommy always told me that it’s not polite to point your finger(s) at others, but mine finger is pointed directly at Luke, my middle finger that is. It was his plan all along to separate Kaito from his friends, merely to create “the ultimate Phi Brain child”.

Nuts. However, in this episode we learned that Gammon, believe it or not, as a bit of a rare case. You see, Gammon has the ability to make as well as solve puzzles on a very high level. It appears that not many people can do that, so he’s one of those, ahem, “rare” exceptions. Naturally this only ended up boosting that arrogant ego of his. It even came to the point where he actually ordered Nonoha and Kaito to stop seeing each other, because he thinks that only bad things can come of it.

I was watching, thinking that Gammon was just bluffing, until he challenged Kaito to a puzzle that he created. That puzzle of his was pretty sweet, as it sort of reminded me of a game I used to play as a child. This week’s puzzle was to trap one another. Both the Giver and Solver participate in this puzzle, trying to trap one another in a single square. The only way to win is to trap your opponent in one of those squares before he traps you. Oh, and did I mention that the loser gets blown to pieces? Yeah… Gammon is funny like that, I guess.

It comes as no surprise that Kaito won, seeing as he still has that magical bracelet of his.  It was Gammon’s diagnose that Kaito loses control of his emotions and whatnot due to that bracelet’s power. Kaito’s bracelet once again activated, but he did not kill Gammon, which would, in theory, indicate that Kaito has at least some control over that mysterious power.

Okay, so they had a quarrel, after which they ended up fighting one another… isn’t that what (good) friends usually do? Boys will be boys, but why in the hell would Gammon decide to join the POG, the same organization that tried to kill him as well as all of his friends. It does not make sense, not one bit. Sure, he has Kaito as a rival, so I could understand that he would want to beat him, but never would I have guessed that he would become part of the POG. But that’s just me, I for one would never join any kind of organization that was hell bent on killing me and my friends, but perhaps I’m just crazy here. Still, it’s an interesting twist in the story, so I’m rather curious about how the story is going to develop from here on out. One thing is certain; Nonoha is not leaving Kaito’s side, at least not yet.

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