Feb 14, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 19

You know, I noticed something today. I was watching Phi Brain and came to realize that I wasn’t actually enjoying it anymore. I was just sitting here, watching the show with blank expression on my face. I used to like this show, which is why I started writing about it, but it has become dull. Also, I see that the ratings have dropped significantly as well. I can’t imagine why they would grant this show another season, seeing as people don’t find the show exciting anymore.

Anyway, this episode starts with Gammon’s cute little sister paying Kaito a visit. Apparently she’s really worried about him. He hasn’t come home, he hasn’t called, but he just mailed her a cheque so that she can maintain herself financially. That guy has completely lost it, but then again… so has Kaito. Things will only take a turn for the worse if Kaito doesn’t get rid of that bracelet of his. It’s playing with his mind.

Meanwhile Gammon is trying to prove himself to the POG. I guess he’s really serious about joining the POG in order to defeat Kaito. He may talk negatively about Kaito, but he is no different; constantly obsessed with being the best, that’s just too self-destructive. I doubt that he has forgotten about the times he almost died at the hands of those POG Giver’s. He’s trying to become the very thing that tried to kill him over and over again.

This week’s puzzle was a race. Not just a race. Each player, that would be Gammon and Bishop, gets 10 moves. The first move gets reverted to normal as soon as you use more than ten moves. The objective was to use the laser on the front of your motorcycle to hit the back of your opponent’s motorcycle. It was a pretty complicated puzzle, but it gets easier as soon as you understand its basics. Gammon almost got trapped, but he managed to figure out a way to defeat his opponent.

I guess Gammon is now officially a POG Giver, now that he has taken up Luke’s offer. Things will only go downhill from here on out. The, ahem, “puzzle queen” couldn’t do much for Kaito. He’s about to be consumed by his bracelet if someone doesn’t help him. Oh, and by someone I don’t mean Nonoha. She may be sweet and her intentions may be good, but he’s pretty useless when it comes to situations like these. She’ll only end up getting killed if she’s not careful.

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