Feb 21, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 20

I see that Phi Brain has once again dropped in ratings. The show is barely hanging on to a weak seven, whilst other fan sites give the show a mere six. It really baffles me that Phi Brain will have a second season, despite the low ratings. I personally wouldn’t give this show a second season, I’d rather give it to Brave 10 or Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!

Still, they finally explained to us the purposes of Phi Brain, or to be more specific; what will happen when the divine puzzle gets solved. Short answer: don’t. It seems that whole world will come to an end when “a mere mortal” unleashes its unknown powers. And yet Phi Brain is still not listed under Sci-fi, super power or supernatural?

Anyway, the episode was pretty complicated as Kaito immediately started out with another one of Gammon’s deadly puzzles. What a surprise, another puzzle. Still, they managed to put a twist on this one by having Kaito lose this puzzle. It seems that Kaito was holding back by not using his bracelet, although his bracelet was pretty much active. He forced himself to make the wrong moves in order to, and I quote; “save the world”.

Luke was pretty damn happy about Kaito’s progress. He thinks that Kaito is accelerating rapidly, despite Kaito’s attempts to ignore the powers of his bracelet. Kaito is rapidly losing himself to this bracelet, that much is certain. However, Kaito is not the only one who’s changed. Gammon’s whole personality has changed during these last two – three episodes. That means that Kaito and the rest have lost a friend but gained an enemy, Elena lost herself a boyfriend and Miharu-chan lost herself a big brother. Everyone seems to have lost something. Yes… everyone except for the POG, who have gained another ‘soldier’ to fight for their cause.

I was planning on saying that it was another one of those pointless episodes, but we did learn a little bit more about this “divine puzzle”. Oh, and a little bit about Kaito’s bracelet, Orpheus. Either way; Kaito is pretty much alone. Nonoha wants to help him, but that can prove to be quite the difficult task. Hell, it can prove to be lethal if she’s not careful. There’s one thing I’m confused about. We have established that the divine puzzle isn’t for mortals, right? Kaito knows this as well, plus he’s seen what’ll happen when a mortal solves that puzzle. So why is it that he still wants to solve that puzzle, knowing that no mortal can handle its secrets? That’s just strange…

Phi Brain episode 20 screencaps

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