Feb 28, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 21

Here we go again with all the deadly puzzles. I just took a peek at the show’s ratings, my god… They are at an all-time low. I also noticed that nobody actually discusses Phi Brain anymore, that use to be different, at least in the beginning anyway. Just a few more episodes though, I’ll make it through somehow.

The episode focusses on Kaito’s awakening as a Phi Brain Child. He seems to be accelerating even quicker now. Every time he enters that state he just loses control. He can no longer see the people around them, he can no longer hear their voices, hell; de doesn’t even know they exist at that point. You have to be pretty messed up if you reach that point. Also, he seems to be solving puzzles in record time, which would be a clear sign of his accelerated awakening. Luke seems to be having the time of his life, bastard. I seriously can’t stand those types of characters.

Anyway… Things just keep getting worse for Kaito. He is constantly neglecting his friends, telling them to keep away. These are the times when you actually need the, but no, not Kaito. He just keeps pushing them further away as they try to help him more and more. It’s a good thing that they don’t listen, as they just keep coming back for him. He’s lucky to have friends like them.

I have been wondering about one thing though. Why does he keep accepting these puzzles? Sure, he has that “I’m going to solve each and every puzzle” mentality, but he has the option to decline. Take this episode for example; none of his friends were held hostage, Gammon was nowhere to be found, he would accomplish anything by solving it and his state only got worse by solving it. I do not pity him at all, he has only himself to blame for accepting to solve all these ridiculous puzzles. No excuses!

However, I can’t say that they keep doing the same stuff over and over. They showed us something interest this time. It seems that Luke, who we all know is a Phi Brain Child as well, is awakening as well. Or maybe he already awakened? Either way; he’s there, his eye glows and he’s bad to the core. Kill him with fire! No seriously, kill him with fire!

Finally I would like to end this post by saying that I will continue posting when the second season arrives. Phi Brain was fun during the first few episodes, but it’s actually becoming pretty annoying. Watching this week’s Phi Brain episode almost felt like a chore, seriously. That just can’t be a good sign. Funny thing is; it’s not just me. I see many negative comments about Phi Brain, some true, some overreacted, but negative nonetheless. Shame…

Phi Brain episode 21 screencaps

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