Mar 6, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 22

It’s once gain time for our weekly dose of boring puzzles. The fun is completely gone for me, so I’m just watching in order to write something about. I have stopping in the middle of things, so here goes nothing…

This week’s episode was, I assume, supposed to be very exciting and ‘fresh’. However, I didn’t care for it at all. In fact; I knew what would happen most of the time. I knew that Luke was a Phi Brain Child, I knew Nonoha would continue to follow Kaito around, I knew Kaito would never change his mind, and I also knew that Baron and Jin were friends at one point. I also knew that Baron was a Giver and Jin a Solver. This is nothing new, absolutely not. This predictability is what’s killing the show’s ratings, there’s just no more surprise. Can you imagine how boring a show about puzzles can be without any surprise? My god…

During this episode we came to learn that a man, “Baron of Pythagoras”, was the one controlling the POG until half a year ago, when Luke took control. This Baron wanted to obtain these godly scrolls, no matter what the cost. He ordered Jin to do it when he was young, but Jin saw the future and decided to quit the POG. Jin and Baron (the school’s old principle) soon formed an alliance in order to seek and destroy these scrolls, hoping it would save the world from annihilation. Not entirely new, seeing as I was aware of the fact that Luke was in control. There has never been anyone else during these past few episodes; it was all Luke’s work.

Then came the move obvious bit. Kaito, when confronted by Luke, had yet another vision where he finally saw the identity of the man that destroyed the world. It turned out to be Kaito himself. This came as no surprise to me. It had to be him, who else could it be? Luke is good, but he’s nowhere near as good as Kaito. Kaito is destined to defeat Luke, obtain those godly scrolls and destroy the world after losing control of himself.

Like I said; the story is predictable. I have never read the Phi Brain manga, never. And yet I knew exactly what was going to happen. That’s not good, not good at all. Shows like these rely on mystery, unexpected twists and complicated, yet understandable puzzles. What a shame…

Phi Brain episode 22 screencaps

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