Mar 20, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 24

Sigh… I’m really happy that Phi Brain is almost over. I hate dropping a show before it’s finished, but there were times where I really considered it. This week was one of those times. It was yet another one of those “WTF!?” episodes that didn’t make any sense.

The first half was by far the worst. Luke approached Kaito and invited him on a day out. Normally this would mean that Kaito would have to solve yet another puzzle, but it turned out that Luke was out of his mind, wanting to spend the day with Kaito as best friends. My latest recipe for “WTF Cake”: flour, eggs, salt, sugar, butter and this week’s episode of Phi Brain whilst you’re making and eating the cake. Seriously, what the hell? The weirdest part was that Kaito actually went through with it. He bought Luke food, drinks, a magazine, when they ended up remembering the past. The ratings slightly rose due to last week’s episode, but I’m guessing that they might just drop again after this week’s episode.

The second half wasn’t that bad, luckily. It seems that the final showdown is about to take place between Luke and Kaito. Kaito is a good guy, but I think that neither of them deserves to win. Kaito has been getting himself into trouble since the very beginning of the show. He could’ve just said now countless of times, so no sympathy for him when he loses, at least not from me.

I’m just happy that I managed to get through to this week’s episode. I expect next week’s episode to be better, seeing as it’s the season’s last and all, but I still think that it doesn’t deserve another season. It’s been the same boring puzzle-related crap ever since it started, there’s just no element of surprise anymore.

Phi Brain episode 24 screencaps

  1. I for one LOVED this week’s episode. The date-thing was really cute, and still I wondered when/if Rook would drop the act and revert back to being yandere as hell. ^^

  2. yamyam666 says:

    Pfft. I dropped Phi Brain after the third episode. It’s always about the same thing, plus, from what I’ve heard, it’s very predictable.

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