Apr 2, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 25

About time! I’m finally freed from Phi Brain after I make this post! Don’t get me wrong, the anime was pretty decent, but a total eyesore when you realize that it’s always the same. It’s always about puzzles, it’s always the same characters and it’s always the same outcome. It definitely doesn’t deserve a second season.

We continued where we left last week; with Kaito solving Luke’s puzzle. The objective was to get to Luke, on the “sun” as he calls it, by using the other “planets” as stepping stones. Those “planets” will crumble and fall after a certain period of time, and so will the sun after Kaito manages to find his way to it. But we all know Kaito by now, he doesn’t want anybody to die, which is why he found a way to temporarily stop the “sun” from falling, save Luke and get off of it before it finally falls down. The strategy behind it may have been interesting, but I lost interest when he suddenly asked Nonoha for some of her dangerous cuisine á la death. Really? This is how you’re going to end a show with twenty-five episodes?  Fine, it’s not really my place to judge anyway.

What pissed me off the most was how everyone welcomed Luke in to the group, as though nothing had ever happened between any of them. I don’t think many people realized it yet, seeing as I’ve seen some pretty obnoxious reviews about Phi Brain’s ending, but that’s fine. Everyone has an opinion and the right to express it, just like I am doing right now. It’s just that some of those people tend to take things a little bit too personally. They can’t forget that everyone is different. I may have dislikes this show, but I’m very certain that there are a lot of people out there that absolutely loved it.

It all comes down to this: I liked Phi Brain in the beginning. It was new, refreshing and pretty interesting. However, I soon got tired of it when nothing really changed throughout the show. There was a puzzle almost every week, and each and every one of those puzzles had the same predictable outcome. The humour in this show also became very dry and silly at one point. There’s one major thing that I would’ve changed about the show; that thing Kaito does with his eye and tongue, what is the point of that? It’s a show about deadly puzzles, yet the main character plays around like that? I won’t be recommending this show any time soon, sorry.

Phi Brain episode 25 screencaps

  1. Monopoli says:

    It was okay. I don’t think that i’ll be watching the second season either. Seems like a total waste of time…

  2. alberto s says:

    So wrote a script and went straight to anime instead of drawing manga ?
    Why not also make a manga ? =[
    I like phi brain and there is only anime.

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