Apr 9, 2012

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Polar Bear Cafe

No, not for me. This is just way too much for me to handle. Don’t get me wrong, I like thinking outside that box of sanity, but this is just taking things a bit too far.

The artwork is surprisingly pleasant to watch. Hell, if it weren’t for all the talking animals… Anyway, I think that this show will appeal to quite a few people, as it does have a charm of its own. I never was any good with movies like Madagascar, so I’m not surprised that I’m not doing well with this.

Moving on to the story… It’s unique, I’ll give them that much. I won’t deny that it was quite amusing to watch, as the story is pretty interesting. However, it’s just not my type of anime. Also, the story seems to contain a lot of healthy comedy, absolutely none of that cheap stuff.

I personally won’t recommend it, but that’s just because of my own opinion. I know that this anime will appeal to many other people. I suppose your average supernatural comedy fan would probably enjoy this very much. I suppose it’s up to the individual, really.

Plot Summary: Shirokuma Cafe revolves around a Canadian white bear that quits his boring job and starts a cafeteria near a zoo. He loves telling tall tales and always brags about himself. According to him, he was picked up by a human couple who owns a diner while he was drifting around on an iceberg.

Though he has lost all contact with his Canadian family, he has discovered a new home in serving the diners’ clientele, thanks to the kind couple. His café is an embodiment of his personality. The place is always packed with many regulars, animals and humans, who are drawn by his charismatic magnetism.

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