Sep 11, 2011

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R-15 episode 10

Well… I wasn’t really planning on writing about this anime, because you just can’t take it seriously. But I found myself enjoying the last couple of episodes. So it wouldn’t hurt to write a little bit about it.

Takuto, the genius porno author, seems to be getting more and more popular with the ladies. He was hated by all at first, but now that he has made some friends, they actually start to like him. What I’ve gathered from all of this, is that Utae likes Takuto in a more special way, but he has more interest in Fukune and her music. Raika, just like Utae, has an abnormal amount of interest in Takuto as well. All of this became very clear in this episode, during the competition between classes.

But I think that this love polygon will come to an end very soon, as Takuto will have to pick sooner or later. Due to the amount of attention he gives Fukune, it’s highly likely that he’ll initially pick her. But we’ll see, there’s nothing on the table at this point.

  1. Scorch Delta-62 says:

    i dropped it after this episode

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