Sep 18, 2011

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R-15 episode 11

The new episode arrived and they finally showed the problems revolving around Takuto and Fukune-chan. I think Takuto’s problems are only just beginning though.

In the last episode you could see Fukune at her concert, but what people don’t know is that she suddenly stopped halfway. She just couldn’t do it anymore and thus, because of that, her father decided that school isn’t right for her. He wants his daughter to focus 100% on her music, without the interference from other people. Obviously the man sees his daughter as nothing more than a tool, a pretty little tool that plays nice tunes and makes money.

Fukune was broken and confused, she went back to school where she met up with Takuto, they both went back to Takuto’s room where she stayed for the night. The very next morning, after their horrible breakfast, she explained that she doesn’t like music, that she didn’t choose music and thus couldn’t possibly be a genius. She ran away after it go to emotional. Takuto later on obtained a newspaper with information about Fukune, about her dropping out and all. So he went to Kurumi to find out more. He met up with Ran for some information, but she was surprised to hear that Fukune went to Takuto instead of her.

Takuto doesn’t know what to do anymore. He can’t write, he can’t think and at one point he finds himself standing where he once listened to Fukune’s clarinet. He was about to give up when Raika shows up and shows him how truly ugly his behavior is. Takuto manned up, took control and went off to find Fukune.

The episode was good, but I’m having mixed feelings. The next episode will be the last, but I feel that there is so much more ground to cover. What about the relationship between him and Raika, Ran, Utae and Kurumi? I feel that the next episode is going to focus on the relationship between him and Fukune, and that it will end without explaining certain things about the other characters. I really hope the end will be better when compared to No.6’s end.

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