Jul 10, 2013

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Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS

Oh no, here we go again… This is one of the very few shows that you have to keep to yourself. You really can’t let anyone in your personal life know that you watch this, and you must always make sure you watch this alone (preferably behind a locked door). It would kill your social life instantly if people found out that you watch a show about little girls in very tight outfits that jump around all the time.

Ro-Kyu-Bu! SSThe artwork, god help me with this one, is still pretty much the same; okay. It never seizes to amaze how detailed the characters are. I especially like Hinata because she’s so adorably innocent and funny (that’s right, I said it).

The story is plain and simple, you couldn’t possibly get lost in it. How could you? It’s about loli’s playing basketball under the supervision of a teenage boy. Come on now, that couldn’t possibly go wrong, ever. Everyone knows that teenage boys can be trusted, right?

There’s really no harm in watching this if you’re alone, I mean that. A lot of people would get the wrong idea about something like this, but it’s not that bad. I suggest you watch the first season if you haven’t already.

Plot Summary: Talk about games being called unexpectedly! Hasegawa Subaru joined the basketball club at Nanashiba High, only to have his hopes dashed when the teams’ play is suspended after the captain is suspected of having inappropriate feelings for the coach’s underage daughter. Blindsided and blocked by bad luck, Subaru expectedly finds an opening for his talent with the hoops when his aunt asks him to take on the task of coaching a young girls’ basketball club – a Ro-Kyu-Bu!. But can a superstar wannabe find true satisfaction while playing sixth man to a team of five girls?

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